Interplay between Islam and the West

An International Conference on Islamic Bioethics under the theme 'Islamic Bioethics: The Interplay of Islam and the West' was held at and hosted by Georgetown University in Qatar in June 2012 in collaboration with Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies and the University of Leiden. The conference brought together leading experts and researchers in the field of bioethics from the West and the Muslim world.

Date: June 24-25, 2012

Venue: Georgetown University in Qatar

Conference Program: Download

Presentations from the 2012 Conference - from Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press's QScience
 (includes all papers below, as abstract and full access).

Paper TitleAuthor
An Outline of the Islamic Maqasidi/Purpose-Based ApproachJasser Auda
Interface between Law and Ethics in Islamic Bioethics: the Boundaries of Nonmaleficence in the Islamic Law of PaternityAyman Shabana
An Islamic ‘recipe’ for the virus of ‘Western modernity’: Muslim religious scholars on AIDS Mohammed Ghaly
Fiqh Councils & Health Policy Actors: Gaps in the Applied Islamic Bioethics Discourse around Vaccines with Porcine ComponentsAasim Padela
Human Health in World Religions and the Need to Establish an International Religious Organization for BioethicsMuhammad Khalifa
The Ensoulment Debates Then and Now: Aristotelian, Thomist and Islamic Interfaith and Cross-Disciplinary DiscoursesAlan Weber
Regulating novel methods of reproduction: Womb transplantation and Islamic BioethicsAmel Alghrani
Symbolic Pluriformity in ‘Religion and Science’: Islam, Environmentalism, and Medical EthicsWillem Drees
Contemporary Western Bioethics Philosophy Compared With The Islamic PerspectiveMuhammad Albar
Global Bioethics: Transnational ExperiencesHenk Ten Have
Organ Transplantation in Saudi ArabiaFaisal Shaheen
Does it make sense to speak of an "Islamic Bioethics"? Some lessons from the organ transplant controversy in EgyptSherine Hamdy
Islamic bioethics’, religious authority and modernity: anthropological comments on Shi‘i responses to assisted conception in LebanonMorgan Clarke
Biobank Qatar: Bioethical principles of participation and resource governance in an Islamic contextBrian Clark
A Muslim Clinical Ethics Consultant in the Western Healthcare System: Experience and ChallengesAlireza Bagheri
Stem Cell Research from an Islamic PerspectiveRaafat Osman
Biomedical Ethics: an Islamically Approved Human Enterprise?Saadeldin Helaly

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